workshopsNEW YEAR, NEW CAREER!!!

Exciting new bellydance certification program designed by Sherena
The Hip Curve Certification Program – HCCP


ONLINE BELLYDANCE CLASS – Ballet Bellydance Bootcamp

Available through
1-month rental, $3.99



Sherena brings her 19 years of bellydance experience to the classroom—
combining her traditional bellydance training with a classical ballet background to add grace, dexterity, and a polished look to your next performance.


Improve your Improv
Students will learn how to put several traveling steps and mini combinations to several different rythms and styles of music. Improving your improv will have you ready to dance to ANY song whether it is a live band performance, or a familiar song you are wanting to add something new to. *Notes to traveling steps and floor patterns are included.

Lebanese Pop Choreography
Learn a fun and flirty combination to a popular Lebanese Pop song! Students who provide an e-mail address will have music sent to them. *Video notes allowed (video choreography at the end of workshop is permitted).

Fan Veil Choreography
Students learn Fan veil technique as well as a short choreography. When learning a prop it is important we remember to combine bellydance movement with the use of the fan veil/and or other prop to enhance the beauty of your performance. *Video notes allowed. E-mail for music list.

Get Hip to your Hips! – Hip movement technique and combinations
Learn hip movement technique along with unique hip combinations to use in your next drum solo or drill your students with in your next class! Learn hip combinations with level changes, that travel, and wow your audience by standing in one spot hitting every drum beat! *Notes included.

Blingin Baladi – students learn a baladi choreography
Complete Baladi Choreography (intermediate to advanced level students) *Video notes allowed. E-mail for music list.

Tango Fusion Choreography
In this workshop we are combining the beautiful art of Tango with Bellydance. These two dance styles marry together beautifully to create a strong, yet elegent look. Footwork patterns and posture used in the art of Tango will be taught along with a choreography to “El Hikiya” (intermediate to advanced level students).

Bellydance Bootcamp
The title says it all—Non-stop Bellydance movement! This class is designed to help build stamina, and improve strength!

Hip Drills will be taught to heart pumping bellydance grooves, PLUS Sherena’s famous arm workout will be taught! Be ready to sweat!