The Hip Curve Certification Program (HCCP)


Why Hip Curve?
Sherena has over 21 years of experience in the Art of Bellydance – plus she has been instructing for over 10 years and is ready to help YOU create bigger classes , and more importantly keep them coming back for more.

I have traveled and taught in many different communities throughout the U.S. and there seems to be one common problem- a lot of you are attending workshops and coming home with one choreography and a few moves to teach students- then what? What happens after that material is learned?? We repeat the process- travel, learn, bring it home. Now there is nothing wrong with traveling to work with experienced instructors but we are missing a good solid learning foundation to start from. Hip Curve brings you a foundation to build your style from – to give your students a good base technique and along the way you can turn this into a wonderful second income!

Hip Curve is NOT a fusion certification – we are not combining yoga, pilates etc. You will be schooled in the ART of teaching Bellydance! Below you will find a brief description of what you will learn as I walk you through each level of Certification. Everyone put your thinking caps on and tighten your hip shawl!

1.) Level 1 – How to instruct your beginner students such as Proper Form, Hip Technique, Upper & Lower Isolations, Level 1 choreography , troupe formations for beginning student performances Hip Curve Bellydance Aerobics (low impact)  -you will be introduced to my BALLET BOOTCAMP FOR BELLYDANCERS and SO much more!!

2.) Level 2We will delve deeper into technique – this includes hip technique, introduction to Drum Solo, the history of Bellydance where it began and how it came to America, combination memory drills – level 2 choreography – Hip Curve Bellydance Aerobics (high/low) class, as well as level 2 troupe formations.

3.) Level 3DRILLS, THRILLS, AND ZILLS! Zill drills – Advanced Hip Drills, Level 3 Choreography- Drum solo Choreography, and we will work with a LIVE musician in class going over key rhythms – as well as how to work with your students at this level of intensity – are they overwhelmed? Is there an area they are struggling with? Troubleshooting techniques will help keep your students from getting frustrated and help them stay hip to the curve.

4. Level 4 Complete overview of curriculum – Ballet Bellydance Bootcamp as well as Hip Drills for the advanced student – understanding fast and slow twitch muscle fiber reaction and how this effects your students – Zill review levels 1-4 along with combinations to teach students as they get more comfortable with zill playing, Hip Curve Bellydance Aerobics (high impact) class AND Last But Not Least a seminar focusing on MORE me time as an instructor – how to carve out that time to work on YOU – and wow your students as you take the stage.

Each level MUST be completed with a 20 hour certificate in order to advance to the next level. This certification program is designed to build through each level a clear and easy to follow curriculum that will keep students interested and challenged without feeling overwhelmed.

Levels 1 through 3 maybe completed in a weeklong intensive.

During this 20 hour weekend intensive, each instructor will be walked through how to instruct each level – this is intense and a lot of material – so note binders will be provided! No video recording will be permitted!

My blog is available for fellow teachers to post questions, or simply share in their progress.